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Music is for everyone. Whether you are a young beginner, returning to the flute after a long hiatus or starting a new hobby as an adult, music connects people and can be enjoyed by anyone at any time!

Below are the basic building blocks for developing musicians. Each student brings their own unique perspective and skills to their flute playing. As such, each student receives a personalized lesson plan to best suit their needs and goals. 


Embouchure, breathing, intonation


Posture, hand placement, articulation, scales 


Basics of music theory, understanding phrasing, how to play intelligently


Learn how pieces from different eras are performed differently

MTAC ® Certificate of Merit ®

In addition, Colleen is an active member of the Santa Clara branch of the Music Teacher's Association of California ® (MTAC) and has students enrolled in the Certificate of Merit ® (CM) program. The program provides a standard of curriculum that requires students to strive for focused musical excellence in performance, technique, ear training, sight reading/singing, and music theory.

Benefits of CM:

  • Students and teachers work together on level-appropriate selected literature, technique elements, sight reading, theory, and ear training

  • Provides a comprehensive plan to develop skill, technique, ear-training and sight-reading skills, and understanding of music theory

  • Provides opportunities to share music with others

  • Encourages students to strive for musical excellence

  • Provides practical goals to help students maintain a steady and focused appreciation of their musical studies

For more information, visit or contact Colleen directly through the message box below.



"She is excellent in motivating the kids to do better. Her work ethics develop interest and makes them fall in love with the instrument. I would highly recommend her for the lesson."

-RAJESWARI T., Cupertino, CA

"I started flute lessons with Colleen as an adult student and can't recommend her enough. Every suggestion she has given in my lessons has had an immediate positive results for my playing - I have added an entire octave onto my range by the end of the third lesson with Colleen. She has been thoroughly professional and seems genuinely invested in my progress as a flautist."

-MILES D., Santa Clara, CA

"Colleen always has an upbeat attitude and a smile. She graduated from the Boston Conservatory where she learned how to teach beginners all the way through college students. She can play all musical styles, but she is also great at teaching others. She has a passion for the flute but she can also explain things very well. You'll love her as your teacher!"

-ANNE K., Bridgewater, MA


Lessons available throughout the San Francisco bay area and online. Contact me for more information.

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